Hallo to all professionals out there! Our product is evolving, hence this document is also subjected to further evolution based on the product enhancement and development. We are open to suggestions; feel free to reach us, if you have any.

The community guidelines describe:

  • The principles to follow while using Halloclub
  • Primary roles of users in Halloclub
  • What you can abide by from a Halloclub user
  • Your responsibilities if you find an inappropriate behavior from Halloclub user


Halloclub is designed for the professional world to have authentic professional conversations. This platform is exclusively designed for professionals and businesses to have a formal networking space in an informal ambiance. Users of Halloclub can use this platform to enhance their networks, share their experiences, upscale their professional skills, and more. Being a part of Halloclub, users must follow the below-listed principles:

  • Authentic profiles: Be yourself by sharing your authentic personal and professional details
  • Respect your fellow participant: This applies to every participant of Halloclub
  • Accept diversity: Consider diverse people while creating your network and accept their perspectives too
  • Understand your co-participants: Try empathizing with fellow participants to understand their views
  • Genuine professional connections: Halloclub is a professional centric app to make only genuine professional connections
  • Dating & Sexual contents are strictly prohibited
  • Users should only create Professional contents which can enhance career growth & Business

Note: If any Halloclub member is found disobeying the above-mentioned principles, then his/her profile will be absconded immediately from the Halloclub and will be banned from further access.


In Halloclub, participants create or join rooms to build a network and communicate with them. While joining a room, every participant is designated with a role, i.e. moderator, speaker, or listener. Practices of the above-mentioned roles are:


The person creating a room in the Halloclub is designated as a moderator, a speaker of the room and with a privilege to elect other participants as a speaker in the ongoing room or can remove anytime.  Being a moderator you are the most influential person in the room and will be controlling the flow of conversation, such as type of content, topic, and also you will be having authority to initiate other networking channels within the room.

The roles of a moderator are:

  • Curate a group: Moderators need to be very thoughtful while selecting. The topic for the conversation. Speakers to join your group. Invites to the audience to participate. Moderator must be always predictive while selecting the participants (speakers) of the room based on the topic you have selected for the discussion.
  • Management of ongoing conversation: People join a group with an intention to share their views but the moderator must take the authority to keep the length of the conversation within the topic. Also, the moderator must be taking a charge of giving equal chance to all the speakers to share their views and experiences.
  • Acknowledge the user’s experience: The app is not only meant for the speakers but for the listeners too, hence being a moderator you must keep a keen consideration of the listener’s user experience too along with the speakers by keeping the conversation progression interesting and giving a chance to listeners using various features available in the app.
  • Management of networking options: The moderator can initiate other networking features, such as speed networking, consulting room, etc., and also have the authority to manage the participants of these networking channels.


The Speaker of a room holds the power to speak within the room. The person initiating the room attains the designation of a speaker by default and he holds the power to appoint other members from the listeners as the speakers. Once appointed as the speaker, the audience attains the power to speak within the group just like the moderator.

Roles of the speaker are:

  • Stage sharing: Being a speaker you have to share the stage with multiple speakers in the room and avail the stage turn by turn without making any hustle and bustle in the room to expand the depth of the conversation and bring diversity in the conversation with the contribution of multiple speakers.
  • Use of mute button: To maintain the decorum of the room, the speaker must use the mute button effectively. It is obvious that a speaker will not be talking throughout the conversation, hence during the inactive time, the speaker must use the mute button to reduce background noise. As keeping your communication channel mute at required times is necessary, likely a speaker must know when to unmute his/her chat to add value to the discussion.
  • Leave your designation: The speaker holds a privilege to leave the speaker role anytime they wish to. The speaker can anytime choose to go back to the audience section or they can also leave the room quietly.


Being a part of Halloclub, you can join an ongoing conversation and can continue to be a mute member to listen and enjoy the discussion. If you wish to share your thoughts on the stage and become a speaker in front of the audience then you can use the raise hand feature and can request the moderator to avail you with the powers of the speaker.

Roles of a listener:

  • Be on mute: Listeners don’t need to take pressure to speak among a huge crowd to just gather information and be a part of a discussion channel. You can continue to be on mute throughout the discussion.
  • Become a speaker is your choice: If you are joining a discussion as a listener it is your choice whether you are willing to continue as a listener or request the moderator to become a speaker, or if you are requested by the moderator join the stage to share your thoughts then also there are no obligations to accept the request, still, you can continue with a mute session
  • Raise your hand: If you wish to become a speaker in between the discussion you can use the raise the hand feature and can request the moderator to allow you to share the stage.
  • Find new connections: Being a listener you can continue to listen to the discussion by minimizing the chat room and search for more people to expand your network and can check their profile.
  • Browse different rooms: Being a participant as a listener in a room you can minimize it and can check the list of all active rooms on the platform.
  • Free to multitask: If you are busy with any work then also feel free to multitask along with being a participant in Halloclub
  • Get in one-to-one discussion: If you wish to connect with any fellow participant of the active room, you can choose to enter into a  speed networking room (once inititaed by the moderator) and if you choose to consult with the moderators or the speakers in a private room then also you can request the moderator for the private consultation.
  • Leave anytime: Joining and leaving a room is completely dependent on the listener, they can break into a room anytime and also can leave anytime without any obligations.


Joining Halloclub by accepting the terms and conditions will abid you to follow the below-listed rules all the time you are using Halloclub and also agree to restrict others from violating the rules to maintain the decorum of the professional audio networking space.

Each rule listed below is taken seriously and voilation of any one may lead to the suspension of the Halloclub account and subjected to be banned from the platform.

  • Your identity must be real and you are deemed to give the authentic name and professional details.
  • The minimum age limit to join Halloclub is 18 years.
  • Abusive language, bullying of any fellow participants, harassment, discussion on political issues, or arguments on religious matters will not be entertained by the community.
  • Any type of discrimination, discussions implying voilence, threats, or any hateful content mustn’t be delivered in any discussion.
  • You must avoid indulging in any activity which may degrade the experience of fellow participants in any manner.
  • You must not record the discussion and must not share the discussion anywhere on any kind of digital platform. To record any discussion you must take prior permission from the moderator of the room.
  • Violating any intellectual property or other proprietary rights may lead to suspension of your account and is subjected to a lifetime ban from the Halloclub.
  • Spreading false information or spamming by any means is strictly restricted for every participant.
  • Any promotion of manipulated media which may lead to harm to any individual or entity by any means is restricted on Halloclub
  • You must not use the services of Halloclub for publicizing or promoting any illegal or unauthorized activity.

If you find any member of Halloclub violating any of the above mentioned rules, feel free to report the same. You can write us contactus@halloclub.com We will ensure refraining all types of unauthorized activities on the platform and give you a healthy professional environment to expand your network.