This Global Privacy Policy depicts the security practices of the Halloclub proficient systems administration stage that 99social Audio Labs Pvt. Ltd., offers as a mobile application (the “Application”). Our protection practices may differ among the nations where we work to reflect neighborhood rehearses and legitimate prerequisites

Table of Contents

  • About Halloclub
  • Our Privacy Principles
  • Personal Information We May Collect
  • How We Use Personal Information
  • How We Share Personal Information
  • How You Share Information On Halloclub
  • Your Choices
  • Other Sites And Apps
  • Data Security
  • Children
  • Changes To This Privacy Policy
  • How To Contact Us

About Halloclub

Halloclub is a new type of professional network based on voice — where professional people around the world come along on the same platform to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time. It’s a platform to meet with pals and with new people to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have spontaneous conversations.

With no camera on, you don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing, or where you are. You can talk on Halloclub anytime while conductiong any type of activity, either you are travelling or doing your household chores, nothing can restrict you of using Halloclubs. The sound, enunciation, and feeling passed on through voice permit you to get on subtlety and structure particularly proficient associations with others.

What we love most is the manner by which voice can unite individuals. To secure that, we treat your protection in a serious way and just utilize individual data to make Halloclub function admirably for you.

Our Privacy Principles

If you decide not to read this entire Privacy Policy, we want you to notice at lease these few major points that will be impacting your activities on Halloclubs the most.

  • Our App allows you to use your voices to talk with each other in real-time.
  • We use personal information to make our services more effective, such as to communicate about existing and upcoming Halloclub features with you, and to comply with our terms and conditions.
  • We do not sell your personal information.
  • To make the usage of the app safer, we may record your conversations and will retail the same till the end of the conversation to ensure none of the flags aginst violation of app rules have been raise against any conversation

Personal Information We May Collect

Here’s a description of the classifications of data we gather when you communicate with our App, and instances of how we utilize the particular kinds of data. We may gather:

  • Account information, like your first and last name, association name, email addresses, telephone number, profile picture, client name, and other data you may decide to remember for your profile/bio.
  • Your contacts’ telephone numbers (on the off chance that you decide to approve this). To assist clients with interfacing individuals they know, we offer them the alternative to welcome companions to go along with them on Halloclub. To exploit this element, clients can pick in to share telephone numbers from their location book or add telephone numbers physically.
  • Names of companions you decide to welcome to go along with you on the App.
  • Messages that arbitrators and speakers have in Halloclub rooms. We briefly record the sound in a room while the room is live. These discussions are erased except if a client or our mechanized frameworks banner a Trust and Safety infringement while the room is dynamic. In those cases, we encode and hold the sound for the motivations behind examining the occurrence, and afterward erase it when the examination is finished. We just record what can be heard in a room; we never record sound information from (I) quieted speakers/arbitrators and (ii) audience members/crowd individuals.
  • Messages you send off and get from different clients on the App, including installment cards to say thanks and direct messages. We survey the substance of these messages just in case there are client reports or computerized frameworks banners demonstrating a Trust and Safety infringement.
  • Interests, use, and associations, including data about your inclinations (on the off chance that you decide to add them) and how you utilize the App, for example, the sorts of Halloclub discussions you take part in, content you share, highlights you use, moves you make, individuals or records you interface and interface with, and the time, recurrence, and span of your utilization.
  • Interactions that we trade with clients when they reach us with questions or input, incorporating criticism about associating with different clients.
  • Payment and value-based information including name, installment card data, ledger number, charging data, and your exchange history. This data is gathered by our installment supplier, Stripe, and Halloclub doesn’t approach installment card numbers. Notwithstanding this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, data identified with your installments or buys is additionally handled by Stripe’s administrations understanding and protection strategy.
  • Information given by online media organizations, in the event that you associate with our pages on their administrations or interface your web-based media accounts. Interfacing your online media accounts permits the App to confirm your character and access restricted data about those records, including the quantity of associations you have. The data that informal communication accounts give to Halloclub may rely upon the protection settings you have with each organization, so if it’s not too much trouble, counsel their security and information rehearses.
  • Device information, for example, gadget IP address (and determined area), gadget name and working framework, program type and settings, media communications supplier, working framework, the date and season of App use, collaborations with the App, and the time, recurrence, and length of the connections.

What information are you sharing when you use Halloclubs?

The kinds of information that you may be sharing on Halloclub includes:

  • Your profile. Most social networks allow users to create detailed online profiles and connect with other users in some way. This may involve users sharing information with other users, such as one’s gender, age, familial information, interests, educational background and employment.
  • Your status. Halloclub likewise permit clients to post announcements to speak with different clients rapidly. However there might be security settings to confine admittance to announcements, these organizations are often intended to communicate data rapidly and openly
  • Shared content. Halloclub urge clients to share content, like music, photos, recordings and connections to different site pages.

All of this sharing reveals information about you, including contextual information you may not even be aware of. By sharing this information online you may be providing enough information to allow advertisers to track you or hackers to take advantage of your online identity.  Therefore it is important to be aware of the information that you are providing and to be conscious of the choices you can make to protect your privacy.

How may Halloclub use information you have shared?

Publicly available information.  

Halloclub request you to post some information that is completely publicly accessible. This can be anything from your username to individual posts, and your contact details (if you wish to share with your fellow participants). These kind of “public” posts are not restricted behind any kind of access restriction. Anybody, including outsiders, can see whatever is posted as “public.” However, there might be different information that you share freely without acknowledging it, and there are more subtle ways that your data might be treated as open without your authorization, including:

Certain information may be publicly visible by default. In some situations, a user may be able to change the privacy settings to make the information “private” — so that only approved users can view it. Other information must remain public; the user does not have an option to restrict access to it (frequently such information includes your account name and your contact details). 

  • Halloclub can change its privacy policy at any time without a user’s permission. Content that was posted with restrictive privacy settings may become visible when a privacy policy is altered.
  • Approved contacts (people on your “Friends list” or people that “follow” you) may copy and repost information – including photos or personal information – without a user’s permission, potentially bypassing privacy settings.
  • Third-party applications that have been granted access may be able to view information that a user or a user’s contacts post privately.
  • Halloclub do not necessarily guarantee the security of the information that has been uploaded to a profile and made public, even when those posts are set to be private. While security flaws and breaches are usually quickly fixed, there is potential for taking advantage of leaked information.

Advertising.  Your own publicly posted content isn’t the only way that you can be tracked, and advertisers are very interested in the information that can be gathered by tracking your online activity. This may include:

  • Tracking which websites a user has viewed
  • Storing information associated with specific websites (such as items in a shopping cart)
  • Analyzing aggregated data for marketing purposes


Third-party applications are programs that interact with the users of Halloclub without actually being part of Halloclub. These applications take many forms but some typical and popular forms include games that you may play with contacts, online polls or quizzes, or third party interfaces with Halloclub. To make these applications useful, Halloclub may allow developers automatic access to public information of users, and may even access some private information, when a user grants the application permission. You may inadvertently grant an application access to your profile without realizing the extent of the permissions being granted. Some facts to keep in mind when considering using third-party applications:

  • They may not be covered by Halloclub’s privacy policy. Halloclub do not take responsibility for the third-party applications that interact with their sites
  • They may not be guaranteed to be secure.
  • They may gain access to more information than is necessary to perform their functions.
  • They may contain malware designed to attack the user’s device.
  • Third-party developers may report users’ actions back to the social networking platform.
  • A social network may have agreements with certain websites and applications that allow them access to public information of all users of the social network.

Government and law enforcement officials can monitor Halloclub for valuable information. Law enforcement agencies can and do monitor Halloclub for illegal activity. During an investigation, law enforcement will often turn to a suspect’s Halloclub’s profiles to glean any information that they can. Though each Halloclub has adopted its own procedures for dealing with requests from law enforcement agencies, it’s important to keep in mind that the degree to which we cooperate, or don’t cooperate, with law enforcement may not be depending on the condition.

Your Choices

Update, correct, or delete. You can get in touch with us to request that we update or correct your data. You may likewise erase your record or solicitation that we erase the contact telephone numbers you recently imparted to Halloclub. Kindly note that we should check that you have the power to refresh, right, or erase the record and certain action created preceding erasure may remain put away by us and might be imparted to outsiders as definite in this Privacy Policy

Remove social media accounts. Anytime you can opt out to remove your social media accounts from the Halloclub app and can request us to do so. Before removing any account we will conduct a verification to ensure the request has been raised by you.

Opt-out of marketing communications. You may quit advertising related messages by following the quit or withdraw directions contained in the correspondences we send you.

Opt Out of Push Notifications. If you opt-in to receive push notifications within the App, we will send  you a push notification relevant to all changes occurring on the app to keep you posted about the same. You can also opt out from receiving notifications by following simple steps on the app.

How to Contact Us

You can reach us by submitting a support request at or sending a letter to the following mailing address:

99social Audio Labs Pvt. Ltd.

#61, 1st Floor, 12th Cross,

7th Main Rd, BTM Layout,2nd Stage,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076